Challenge B: The Livingroom: Day 1


I am still doing Challenge A but as I need to find my ratchet wrenches and this week is bulk pickup, I am also starting Challenge B which is reorganizing the house starting with the Livingroom.  (Sorry, Rie but I promise I will get to the Diningroom soon).

First thing is I need to get the loveseat out as the city is doing bulk pick up this week.  The cats have done a number on the back using it as a scratching post.  We have had it for decades and mom liked it because it was comfy. I have another loveseat, black leather which is quite nice. I will move it in the livingroom but will probably need help with that.

Ok, I am not strong and I live alone.  My brother’s family lives on the other side of town so moving furniture is a little tricky.  Luckily since it’s going to the dump, I don’t have to worry if I damage it during moving.

First I scooted it across the livingroom carpet by pushing it.  When I got it to the hallway, I made sure the hallway carpet was under it and scooted it again.

The front door was a little tricky.  I went out first.  Then used the carpet to pull it towards me, then shoved it a little to the side to tilt it, then pulled and out it popped.  I scooted it down the sidewalk by pushing it.

The driveway was easy since it’s tilted.  I used gravity and pushed it to get it rolling.  It rolled down the driveway and a little scoot to the side and we are done.

So now that the livingroom floor has more space, I have enough space to put together an Ikea bookshelf I bought a year ago.  So that is the next project.  I am putting it into the hallway initially so that I have something to put things into while I move things around. Oh and I’d like to paint the bookshelves in the living room — mom and dad liked dark brown but I really don’t.  The walls needs to remain a bright white since we don’t get much light.  White bounces the light so it helps a lot to light up the room.  But the dark brown on the white doesn’t work–too contrasty.  I was thinking of either painting those shelves a sage green or taking them out of the living room.

But we also have a good entertainment center that I’d like to move into the livingroom.  That’s also dark brown.  I don’t want to paint that entertainment center since it’s nice.  So maybe I should paint the one wall?  to make it less contrasty?  And leave the other walls white.  Maybe a warm cream or a light tobacco?  What do you think?  Feel free to weigh in.