Budget: Friday 11/3 National Sandwich Day!


Friday is national sandwich day.  So here are the deals I could find.  Best I could find was buy one, get one free.

Buy one get one free (or free with purchase)

Get 1 free sub of equal or lesser sub when you buy a sub with a 30oz drink.  Also Subway will donate 1 meal for every sub and 30z drink purchasedto Feed America

Buy a soft drink, get a free roast beef sandwich if you sign up for Arby’s email alerts to get coupons

buy one, get one free offer on QuickChek 6-inch subs when you download the coupon from the QuickChek mobile app.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop
Don’t see this on their site but seen it mentioned on a couple other places so check first. (I didn’t want to sign up for Perks because it wants my phone# and I have limited text msgs) Get a pastrami sandwich, and get one free if you sign up for or are a member of the restaurant’s rewards program, Potbelly Perks.

Press’d Sandwich (Canada)
Buy any sandwich and drink and get 2nd sandwich free.

Smiling Moose Rocky Mountain Deli
Buy one sandwich, get another free of equal or lesser value with Bogo Mo coupon. The chain has locations in Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin and a handful of other states.

Sandwich Lottery

The Press Shop (NYC)
The NYC sandwich spot is donating 100% of proceeds for the day to Edible Schoolyard NYC, and will give away free sandwiches for a year to one randomly chosen lunch guest (11 a.m. through 3 p.m.).

free on next visit

Firehouse Subs
This one is a race.  If you are one of the first 50 orders for any size Hook & Ladder sub on 11/3 you will also get the a free chips & medium drink with a medium or large sub purchase on your next visit



Budget: National (free) Coffee Day on the 29th!


National Coffee Day is happening this Friday, the 29th of September, 2017.  So that means Coffee Deals.  Yay!  Gives you a reason to get up in the morning!

A few deals that are going down.  Continue reading Budget: National (free) Coffee Day on the 29th!


Budget: Eating in Day 6 & 7 (finished 7-day challenge eating-in analysis)


Day 6

Budget:  Rollover $16.35  + $5 for the day = $21.35

Didn’t cook again today.  Had a blueberry yogurt muffin miniloaf and tea for Continue reading Budget: Eating in Day 6 & 7 (finished 7-day challenge eating-in analysis)


Budget: Eating in Day 5 (ate Kris’s stew so not cooking today)


I lost 10 pounds!  Stepped on the scale today, first time since I started this and was pleasantly surprised.  Had no idea that not eating out would result in weight loss.  Pretty happy about that.

Today when I called Carol to check what the home nurse said, Carol said Kris had made stew and there was enough for me.  So, yay!, I’m won’t cook today.  I am counting it as eating-in as Kris cooked.

So my budget rollover from yesterday is $11.85 plus todays $5 which gives me $16.85 for tomorrow since I didn’t spend anything.

Took out some mystery meat from the freezer for tomorrow.  It’s either beef or pork.  I’ll check the books and see if I can come up with something.


Budget: Eating-in day 1 restart : ochazuke (green tea rice soup) for breakfast


Ok, so today (Saturday) I restart my 7-day eat-at-home challenge. Morning plans are visit Carol at the hospital, go to the library and noon is for this insomniac’s nap. I look around for something quick but filling to tide me over until evening. Continue reading Budget: Eating-in day 1 restart : ochazuke (green tea rice soup) for breakfast


Budget: Eating in day 1: My favorite cold ramen


Ok, yesterday, I admit I failed starting my 7-day challenge.  The casino emailed me a one-day only 8/30/17 food voucher for $20 so I had to!  It was free food.  So off Carol and I went.  I made the mistake of ordering a prickly pear margarita $10 which came with a free mesquite pork taco and was informed the voucher does not cover alcohol at checkout.  Sooo darn!

Looks like my $5 a day for food was blown.  So I put in $6 on a slot machine and got back $86.  Ok, this I can work with, lol.  I gave Carol a little for gas.  So I made a profit on the food.  Carol and I ran out (well, hobbled as she needs a cane but you get the idea) before I put the money back in. I think I will put $50 towards repainting the kitchen since I’ll be spending some time there anyways.

So back to my 7-day challenge of eating in.  Starting over today. Geez, this reminds me of a diet. Being good, looking to see what I have.  I found my favorite cold ramen in the pantry.  Oh good, I can boil water, lol. I love semi-instant food.

In Japan, I got introduced to a favorite summer food: cold ramen. Of course, the restaurant makes it much prettier than Continue reading Budget: Eating in day 1: My favorite cold ramen